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Laboratory for digital signal processing

The main objective of the digital signal processing (DSP) laboratory is to develop new algorithms, techniques and design tools in several areas of the DSP, and to give graduate students the opportunity to produce the highest level of research in DSP. Additional focus is on implementation of new DSP algorithms, thus enabling students to develop skills necessary to work with modern DSP systems.

The group is lead by Ph.D. Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek.

Members of the group are Ph.D. students: David Troncoso Ernesto Romero, Erica Mario Silva Cruz, and Ms students: Miriam Guadalupe Cruz Jimenez and Gerardo Molina Salgado.

The laboratory is located in 6206 in the building of Microelectronics and has 2 computers with MATLAB and LabView, printer, several Texas Instrument cards, as well as XTREME DSP DEVELOPMENT KIT FOR VIRTEX-4, VIRTEX-4 ML 405 EMBEDDED PLATFORM, SPARTAN STARTER KIT-3A.

We are now working on developing new algorithms for communication applications.

Ph.D. Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek (Office 1412) is the director of the DSP Laboratory.


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