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High Frequency Lab

Technological evolution has caused electronic systems to operate at even higher speeds. Due to this, analysis, design and fabrication of systems, devices and electronic interconnections within the high frequency regime now has a great importance, both in the academic and industrial field.

In this lab we have cutting edge equipment that allows us to carry out response measurements in devices, circuits and electronic systems in direct current and high frequency regimes. With these measurements, it is possible to carry out work in characterization and molding, which in turn provide knowledge on advanced electronic systems’ behavior -through representation-. This enables limit and reach definition, while offering solutions for optimization.

These are some of the activities developed in the lab: device and active system testing (from transistors to integrated circuits and printed circuit boards) and also testing of passive elements and circuits. (for example: interconnections, waveguides, antennas and filters). For this, we have:

  • Vectorial network analyzer (VNA) with a measurement capacity of 10MHz to 67 GHz.
  • Parameter analyzer of semiconductor devices (SPA) for I-V curve measurement.
  • Magnetometer for magnetic stimuli application.
  • Anti-vibration tables and testing station for device (in wafers) measurement.
  • Micropoint for RF and DC testing.
  • RF camera for experiments in an environment without external influences.


This lab works within the following lines of research:

  • Molding and characterization of transistors and integrated circuits in high frequency.
  • Signal integrity in high speed signal interconnections (in microchips and printed circuits)
  • Characterization of materials with RF systems applications.
  • Microwave instrumentation with astronomical applications.

Researcher in charge: Ph.D. Roberto Murphy Arteaga


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