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Integrated Circuits Design Lab

The circuit designer’s job starts when provided with the required specifications for a circuit or electronic system. From this, by following a specific design methodology, a systematic trajectory is performed which then undergoes a verification (simulation) and design process with various cycles. In this lab, the final design results in the integrated circuit’s geometric pattern which will be fabricated through specific technology.

The following activities are currently carried out in this lab: system simulation or verification in different levels of abstraction (functional, behavioral, circuit or delayed), symbolic simulation, layout generation, circuit extraction and post extraction simulation.

In addition, tools for computer assisted design (CAD) and design verification are developed. The lab has several SUN servers and PCs in which design, simulation and circuit synthesis can be carried out, along with general use programs/software for high quality molding.

Within itself, the lab can emulate designer activities performed at any industrial design center, which is an advantage to graduating students because they can acquire a circuit designer’s basic experience.

Researcher in charge: Ph.D. Luis Hernández Martínez
Technician in charge: MsC.. Rocío De Jesús Ventura

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