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How to arrive to INAOE:

General Information:

The city of Puebla is the capital of the state of Puebla, and is situated
160 Km (100 miles) due East of Mexico City. Altitude: 2,149 m. (7,091 ft.).
Population in 2000: 1,346,000. The downtown area of Puebla
is catalogued as Patrimony for the Humanity by UNESCO.
Puebla is known for its distinctive colonial architecture, savory cuisine,
Talavera ceramics, onyx crafts, and textile industry.
There are several sites of historic, cultural and tourist interest near
Puebla, such as Cholula, Tlaxcala, Cacaxtla, Xochitecatl and Huejotzingo.
The INAOE is located in Tonantzintla, 15 minutes to the South. A program
for companions could be arranged by the Organizing Committee. Please let us know
in advance if you are interested in this program.

More information about archeological sites can be found in :

More information about Puebla City and places of interest can be found in:

The weather is mild all throughout the year. In October the average temperature is
20°C (68°F), and there are scattered rains.

: The Mexican currency is the peso ($). The present exchange rate with the U.S.
dollar is about $11.20 = 1.0USD. Foreign credit cards are accepted in major
restaurants, stores, and hotels. Many small local stores and branch banks do not
accept foreign travelers checks, U.S. dollars, or credit cards.
The Mexico City International Airport offers the best exchange rates.
In INAOE there is an ATM (cash machine).

If you arrive to Mexico City International Airport, you can take in the same
airport a bus service to Puebla. The ride takes two hours.
Some airlines offer direct flights to Puebla's airport in Huejotzingo,
15 minutes out of the city.


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