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Jueves 25 de Octubre, 2018

09:00 Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
Dr. Alfonso Torres (INAOE)
10:00 Atomic Layer Deposition of Gold Metal: Mechanism and Surface Chemistry
Dr. Sean Barry (Carleton University)
11:00 Physical measurements of semiconductor materials using in situ TEM and the atomic structure correlation
Dr. Arturo Ponce (University of Texas at San Antonio)
12:00 Fabrics as a high-tech material for printed sensors and actuators
Dr. Firat Güder (Imperial College London)
13:00 LUNCH
15:00 Scrutinizing MOSFET asymmetric series resistance extraction methods
Dr. Adelmo Ortiz-Conde (Universidad Simon Bolivar)
16:00 Fabrication Process of c-Si Solar Cells Towards an Own Technology of High Effciency and Large Area
Dr. Mario Moreno (INAOE)
17:00 Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) for experiments in particle and astroparticle physics
Dr. Daniel Durini (INAOE)
18:00 Considerations to Implement “In-Pixel” Thin Film Electronics for Large Area Sensor Arrays
Dr. Israel Mejía (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems Division, CIDESI)


Viernes 26 de Octubre, 2018

09:00 Applications of DFT and beyond: From electronic structure analysis to multiscale growth modeling
Dr. Yeonghun Lee (University of Texas at Dallas)
10:00 DC and RF reliability aspects of CMOS technologies
Dr. Edmundo Gutierrez (INAOE)
11:00 Advanced Materials and Devices for Large Area Electronics
Dr. Manuel Quevedo (University of Texas at Dallas)
12:00 Integrated Antennas; Past, Present and Future
Dr. Roberto S. Murphy (INAOE)
13:00 LUNCH
15:00 Emerging Opportunities of Advanced Physical Analysis Techniques for Nano-scale Semiconductor Devices
Dr. Kin-Leong Pey (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
16:00 Unified Picture of Dielectric Breakdown in 2D Layered Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Dr. Alok Ranjan (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
17:00 Return of Ferroelectrics:Low Thermal Budget HfZrO2 Ferroelectric Capacitors
Dr. Jiyoung Kim (University of Texas at Dallas)
18:00 Engineering of Solid-State Materials and Devices by Atomic-Layer Deposition
Dr. Joel Molina (INAOE)
18:40 Micro-Panel: “Estatus y Perspectivas de Desarrollo de la Microelectronica Integrada en México”