Sixth Seminar on Nanoelectronics and Advanced Design, 2014

For Sixth Consecutive Year and as part of the activities of the IEEE INAOE Branch, the Electronics Department of INAOE organizes the Seminar on Nanoelectronics and Advanced Design, 2014. As in previous years, for organizing this event INAOE is supported by the IEEE Puebla CAS and EDS Chapters.

Since its beginning in 2008, this seminar has brought in touch undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and professors in Mexico with internationally recognized specialists working on nanoelectronics and IC design. This has been successfully achieved because of the careful selection of lecturers that have presented the most important advances to date on their corresponding areas of expertise. Thus, with their participation, topics covering from material developing and characterization with applications on nanoelectronics, to low-power and high-speed IC design in compact spaces have been addressed.

Yet another of the goals of this seminar is to encourage the interdisciplinary collaboration between colleagues and students so that networking is promoted.

Thus, as in previous seminars, the program in 2014 includes presentations from distinguished experts from internationally recognized institutions.

Be welcome to INAOE for the Sixth Seminar on Nanoelectronics and Advanced Design!