13th Seminar on Electronics and Advanced Design
September 19-22, 2023

For the eleventh year running, the Electronics Department of INAOE organizes the Seminar on Electronics and Advanced Design. The Seminar is sponsored by the Circuits and Systems, Electron Devices, Instrumentation and Measurement, and Communications IEEE Societies.

Since 2008 this Seminar has served the goal of establishing and strengthening the collaboration of Mexican students, researchers, and university professors with international renowned specialists in the different disciplines related to micro- and nano-electronics, design of integrated circuits, high-frequency systems, communications, and instrumentation. The Seminar has been very successful thanks to the distinguished lecturers, who have shared the state-of-the-art and technology development in their research areas. Topics that have been covered in the seminar range from materials for nanoelectronic applications and design of high-performance integrated circuits, such as high-speed and low-power, to communications, instrumentation and embedded systems.

Another goal of the Seminar on Electronics and Advanced Design is to encourage the interdisciplinary collaboration between academic colleagues and students, so as to forge strong cooperation.

The technical program of the Seminar consists of a series of lectures given by a very select list of world-renowned scientists from universities, research centers, and the industry.

Welcome to the XIII Seminar on Electronics and Advanced Design.